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Accident Lawsuit Funding is an industry leader in assisting accident victims with getting the needed surgery or medical procedure to get healthy again – and improve their case value substantially. In some accident situations, plaintiffs are in desperate need to get a surgical (or other medical) procedure completed, but do not have the money and/or insurance to pay for this. And the defendant or insurance company in some jurisdictions is not willing to assist the plaintiff.


In fact, an insurance company would prefer that a plaintiff was unable to obtain the needed surgery because the insurance company understands that a surgery improves the value of the case. Therefore, many plaintiffs end up settling their case for less – because they can't fund a needed surgery – and never get healthy. Accident Lawsuit Funding believes this is a great injustice that can occur to a plaintiff who did nothing to cause this problem.


The good news is – if this is happening to you, or you're a lawyer and this is happening to your client – Accident Lawsuit Funding can help!


We provide plaintiffs and their attorneys with the needed tools and financing to get the plaintiff healthy and position you to get the fair value for your injuries, via a surgical funding. We work directly with both the lawyer and surgery center or doctor to work out the financial arrangements and even put some money into your pocket for personal needs. All you need to do is fill out the applications on the left or give Accident Lawsuit Funding a call and we can walk you through the simple process of obtaining a surgical lawsuit funding.


Testimonial by Eileen B.

     I came to Accident Lawsuit Funding when I had an unfortunate accident that was no fault of mine. Other companies had told me that my case had not progressed enough yet because I did not have surgery yet. The problem was the defendant was still contesting liability and I had no health insurance to get the surgery I needed. Because of this fact, every lawsuit funding company had denied me for funding.

     I was about to give up, and then I finally found ALF, who had a great customer service team and I immediately felt comfortable with them. Unlike the other companies, they were able to look at my case without me having a surgery yet and approve me for an initial funding so I could fix my car and get back to the doctor.

     After the doctor recommended surgery, ALF was able to fund my surgical procedure for me as well. They worked directly with my lawyer and the surgeon to get me the funding needed to complete the surgery. I am now healthy again, and my lawyer is very encouraged that my case value has gone up substantially after the surgery.

     If it wasn't for ALF, I'm not sure if I would ever be healthy again or if I would be in the position I am to settle my case for a meaningful amount of money.

Their commitment to me and services provided were a true difference maker in my life and case.

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