(herein referred to as ALF) agrees only to utilize your information for the purpose of obtaining lawsuit funding for you case, or if you desire to seek legal assistance from an attorney in our network, also known as an “attorney referral”. ALF will in some instances receive marketing fees or other fees via referred lawsuit funding cases from attorneys that they have similarly referred cases to. However, ALF will in no instances become involved with your case in any manner whatsoever, either from a direct lender, broker, or attorney referral standpoint.

ALF will never charge you upfront fees, unless expressed so in writing. ALF will never charge you monthly servicing fees, unless expressed so in writing. ALF will never share your information with 3rd party vendors for the purposes not relevant to your lawsuit funding request or attorney referral request, unless given verbal permission by you. However, by contacting ALF and providing relevant case information you do hereby give ALF permission to share your data with 3rd party business contacts for the purpose of obtaining lawsuit funding or for obtaining a lawyer.  

ALF will always provide you with a written agreement of all terms and conditions of any proposed financial transactions prior to you agreeing to transact business with ALF. ALF and its principal’s and affiliates agree to work with you on a mutually beneficial basis, whereas the benefits are apparent for both parties. ALF and its principals and affiliates agree to handle all of your requests in a timely fashion and with the best customer service as possible under the circumstances.

ALF makes no representations or assurances that we can assist you in anyway shape or form, unless expressly represented in a written legal document. Pre-Approvals and/or verbal representations always need to be verified through additional due diligence and do not constitute bona fide terms and conditions until expressed so in writing and executed by signature by ALF and/or its principals and affiliates. ALF reserves the right to conduct due diligence up until the signing of any contracts and agreements, therefore an unsigned agreement or contract is not to be considered binding until fully executed to consummate the proposal. ALF and its principals and affiliates reserve the right to withdraw any proposals prior to ALF’s signing for any reason whatsoever.

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