Accident Lawsuit Funding 

We provide the fastest pre-settlement lawsuit funding approvals and lowest rates in the industry!

Accident Lawsuit Funding is here to get you a lawsuit cash advance within 24 hours of getting your case documentation. No other company in the industry can make that same guarantee and also provide you with the lowest rates in the industry. It costs you absolutely nothing to get a “free quote” or case evaluation on your accident lawsuit. We guarantee you like our rates or simply “walk away”.

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No Risk, Pay Only If You Win – No Credit Checks:

Our accident lawsuit funding program requires no credit checks whatsoever, as the entire cash advance is based on the success of your case. The non-recourse lawsuit loan (as referred to by plaintiffs) that Legal-Bay provides only has to be paid back if you win your case. That’s right, your lawyer will pay us back out of your ultimate settlement check – only if you win your case. So, there is absolutely no risk to the plaintiff, or out-of-pocket monthly payments like a credit card. You can get some of your lawsuit cash right now to pay bills, and still have the “peace of mind” that you won’t have to write a check to us at any point in the process.

When you win your case, you pay your lawyer first, then your lawyer pays the Legal-Bay advance back second, and then you –the plaintiff- gets the rest of your ultimate accident settlement award.

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Type of Cases Eligible for Legal Funding

Accident Lawsuit Funding provides creative funding solutions to various legal and/or business transactions. Feel free to fill out our quick application (on the upper right of this page) for a free case evaluation to your specific lawsuit settlement cash advance loan needs. It costs you nothing to inquire.


checkmark Airplane or Aviation Accidents         checkmark Pedestrian Accidents
checkmark All Personal Injury Accidents         checkmark Police Brutality or Assault and battery
checkmark Amusement Park Accidents         checkmark Premise Liability Accidents
checkmark Asbestos and Mesothelioma Accidents         checkmark Product Liability Accidents
checkmark Bicycle Accidents         checkmark Semi or Tractor Trailer Accidents
checkmark Bus Accidents         checkmark Slip and Fall Cases
checkmark Car and Automobile Accidents         checkmark Surgery Funding
checkmark Casino Accidents         checkmark Swimming Pool Accidents
checkmark Contruction Accidents         checkmark TBI or Brain Injury Accidents
checkmark Cruise Ship Accidents         checkmark Train and FELA Railway Accidents
checkmark Defective Products or Pharmaceutical Drugs         checkmark Truck and Commercial Vehical Accidents
checkmark Dog Bite Accidents         checkmark Workers Compensation AccidentsWorkers Compensation Accidents
checkmark Jones Act, Maritime, Boat, or Ship Accidents         checkmark Wrongful Death Accidents
checkmark Medical Malpractice Accidents            
checkmark Motorcycle Accidents            
checkmark Nursing Home Negligence Accidents            

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Client Testimonials

Accident lawsuit funding was able to get me the needed funds faster than any other company that I spoke with. My children and I were about to be evicted from our home on Fri., I called ALF on Thurs. and the money was wired into my account by Fri. so I could pay my landlord. I remain extremely grateful for ALF’s fast and –friendly- customer service.

testimonial1Pam P.
Newark, NJ

Accident Lawsuit Funding not only funded me one time, but they were able to fund me a second time when the insurance company gave me a very low offer. Many other companies denied me after my first funding, not ALF – they stuck with me the whole way. Had it not been for ALF’s support I would been forced to settle for much less than my case was worth.

testimonial2Charles J.
Atlanta, GA

Accident Lawsuit Funding was the only company that would fund me so that I could get to a specialist to get a surgical recommendation. Without this funding, I would not have been able to get healthy and the insurance company would have been able to settle for a low number. Instead, ALF then funded me for my 2 surgeries that I needed and now my case value has increased substantially. I don’t know what I would have done without ALF’s commitment to me.

testimonial3Elizabeth Y.
Cleveland, OH

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