Accident Lawsuit Funding was created to be the number one Car Accident and Personal Injury lawsuit funding company within legal funding.
ALF’s principal’s, underwriting and sales team have tremendous experience in funding thousands of pre-settlement accident plaintiffs. ALF is designed to be the fastest pre-settlement approvals industry wide. On many car accident cases, approvals and funding can happen same day or within 24 hours. No other company in litigation finance can make that same claim.
When you or your client has been involved in a car accident or personal injury accident and need to access cash quickly, Accident Lawsuit Funding is here to help. Whether your funding amount is large or small, our friendly sales team is prepared to process your funding application immediately.
Not only do we pride ourselves on excellent customer service, but we also provide the largest cash advances and buyouts on prior funding agreements where other companies have denied you for additional funding.
Do not be discouraged, Accident Lawsuit Funding is one of the best lawsuit funding companies out there and we are here to help you in this time of need.
Just hit the Apply Button or call our toll free hotline now at: 877.571.0405.

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