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about-accident-lawsuit-fundingThe Accident Lawsuit Funding Company is an industry leader in all types of lawsuit settlement funding. However, Accidentlawsuitfunding.com was designed to be a “state of the art” website and underwriting process that would be dedicated solely to car and truck accident victims –as well as all personal injury accidents- to ensure the fastest approvals in the industry.

By developing a site solely designed for accident lawsuit funding, plaintiffs filing for a cash advance can expect 12-24 hour approvals and monthly usage rates in the 1% range on some cases. The new website and our increase staff, solely dedicated to our accident clients has enabled the entire funding process to be streamlined so that accident victims can have their funds within a day or so of applying to the application on your right. No other company in the Legal Funding Industry can beat our approval process or our funding rates in most cases.

Accidentlawsuitfunding.com is the only site in the industry solely dedicated to accident lawsuit funding, therefor you will get the highest priority and best customer service for your accident cash advance. We are focused on funding every single case that is possible, regardless of when the accident happened or if there is a prior advance already on the case. We are also committed to assist any accident victims with any needed surgery or surgical funding involving their case.

If you need special attention or are having an issue getting your accident lawsuit settlement funding, fill out the application to your left and our dedicated staff will be focused on accomplishing your funding needs. You may also call our toll free 24 hour accident lawsuit funding hotline at: 877.571.0405 where agents are always available to assist you.

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